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Attachment : The immediate cause of suffering


Buddha’s doctrine: man suffers because of his craving to possess

and keep forever things which are essentially impermanent. Chief

among these things is his own person, for this is his means of

isolating himself from the rest of life, his castle into which he can

retreat and from which he can assert himself against external

forces. He believes that his fortified and isolated position is the best

means of obtaining happiness; it enables him to fight against

change, to strive to keep pleasing things for himself, to shut out

suffering and shape circumstances as he wills. In short, it is his

means of resisting life. The Buddha taught that all things, including

his castle, are essentially impermanent and as soon as man tries to

possess them they slip away; this frustration of the desire to possess

is the immediate cause of suffering.

~ Alan Watts ~



June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Soul's Medicine

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