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  1. You could _____________ me before! Why didn’t you?
    1. have written                              c.   had written
    2. write                                         d.   be writing


  1. You could __________ when you were  7 years old.
    1. have written                              c.   be writing
    2. had written                               d.   write


  1. The angry workers made the director ____________.
    1. cries                                         c.   cry
    2. crying                                       d.   cried


  1. I don’t believe you. Tom couldn’t have let them __________.
    1. going                                        c.   gone
    2. went                                         d.   go


  1. There’s nothing wrong with me, ____________ there?
    1. is                                              c.   isn’t
    2. don’t                                        d.   can


  1. They never sleep this late, _________ they?
    1. can                                           c.   do
    2. are                                           d.   aren’t


  1. Anyone can do this, ____________?
    1. can they                                    c.   can he
    2. can                                           d.   can’t they


  1. There’s a strange man behind us ___________ behaviour I can’t ___________.
    1. whose …. make out                 c.   who …. make up
    2. which …. make out                  d.   whose ….. make up


  1. We haven’t got any toilet paper

– Don’t worry _______________ !

a.       we have it                                 c.   so have we

b.      neither do we                            d.   we’ve got some


10.     I’d rather you __________ talking. I have a headache.

a.       stop                                          c.   stopped

b.      stopping                                   d.   had stopped


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  1. have written

    Comment by afrin | May 23, 2009 | Reply

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