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Tenses Test – 01

Tenses Test – 01




1.      I ____________ for my glasses. I can’t find them anywhere.

a.       looking                               c.   look

b.      looked                                d.   am looking


2.      Tom ___________ an important letter. Has the postman been yet?

a.       is expecting             c.   expect

b.      expecting                d.   expects


3.      I can’t see you tomorrow, I __________ an important meeting.

a.       am having                           c.   have

b.      will have                             d.   am taking


4.      Something ________ good in the kitchen.

a.       smells                                 c.   smell

b.      is smell                               d.   is smelling


5.      I ___________ what you mean about the flat not being for us. It’s too far from the centre of town.

a.       ‘ll see                                 c.   sees

b.      am seeing                           d.   see


6.      They say that Tom _________ I’m crazy.

a.       thinking                               c.   thinks

b.      think                                   d.   is thinking


7.      I _________ about John. Where could he be?

a.       thinks                                 c.   ‘m thinks

b.      ‘m thinking                         d.   think


8.      What __________ reading at the moment?

a.       you                         c.   do you

b.      you are                   d.   are you


9.      What ________ when you stop breathing?

a.       happens                              c.   does happen

b.      happen                               d.   is happening


10.  Who ___________ another piece of cake?

a.       wants                                 c.   is wanting

b.      want’s                                d.   wonts




 If you know the answers, plz submit in the comment! And if anyone interested to become contributor/source for this topic, plz tell me in your comment or send e-mail to this address : I’ll aprreciate everyone who would like to share his/her knowledge to the others. Thx!


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