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Well, Thanks for your visit to my blog. The purpose of making this blog is to learn and share knowledge. The downloadable materials in this blog are for personal use only. Don’t distribute them for business/commercial purposes or anything like that. I only want to share what I got with all of the visitor of my blog. SO, I’m not responsible if you use them for business/commercial purposes which means that you commit a crime and piracy. I don’t support piracy and crime.

My idea of making this blog is : to share all I got to the visitor, because I think it would a waste if we don’t share the information and knowledge for the improvement of mankind. It’s a pity if we don’t want to share what we got with the others, it doesn’t matter if it’s money, love, information or knowledge. Because Knowledge MUST be FREE.

For those people who are annoyed by my posts because of the copyrighted matters, just make a comment in this blog or send an email to me at :

As soon as I read ur mail or comments, I will immediately delete your pointed posts send my apology and regret comments or email. But keep one thing in mind that I don’t mean to pirate. I don’t charge money from the visitors to read or download the materials in this blog. It’s all free. I only want people to learn and to share as it is the spirit of this blog.

For the articles that I take from some of my favorite sites, I have put the LINK in the LINK Menu, so that you can access the sites if you wish. So, If I don’t put the resource in my posts then it has several meanings: It’s my own posts (not taken from any other sources), it’s  from the sites in the LINK Menu, or the last reason is I forget. For the last reason, I’ll say I’m so sorry if the articles’ owner are yours. Just put your comment and I’ll soon put your name/sites in the posts. I really don’t mean to claim the posts as mine, it’s just that sometimes I only have little time to update my blog, and that means that I’ve got to hurry. SO, sometimes I’ll miss to put the source into my posts.

So, if some of the material in this blog are yours (copyright) and you don’t feel like to share them to the others for free, then I can only say, “I’m really really sorry and I will immediately delete those materials from my blog”.

Best Regards,


Joe Leonhart.


June 13, 2008 - Posted by | READ ME FIRST

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