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Fish, Reptile and Insect Idioms Quiz

Now that you’ve learnt the Fish, Reptile and Insect Idioms, try to do the quiz below.


Choose an idiom to replace the expression in bold italic below.


1.      Ani and I went to the secondhand market on Saturday to look for a literary book.

a.       cold fish

b.      flea market

c.       birds and bees

d.      can of worms


2.      As soon as Mr. Smith came into the classroom, all students stopped talking.

a.       fished for something

b.      had a bee in her bonnet

c.       made a beeline for me

d.      clammed up


3.      He really made a mess of the room he was trying to paint.

a.       bug-eyed

b.      clammed up

c.       loused up

d.      fished for


4.      He was totally surprised when we gave him a surprise party.

a.       round robin

b.      loused up

c.       bug-eyed

d.      mad as a hornet


5.      The car moved at a slow speed because the driver was still learning to drive.

a.       snail’s pace

b.      fish out of water

c.       holy mackerel

d.      big fish in a small pond


6.      She is a real unfriendly person and never talks to neighbors.

a.       fish out of water

b.      kettle of fish

c.       cold fish

d.      round robin


7.      She really made a lot of people angry when she mentioned the new plan.

a.       had a bug in her ear

b.      had butterflies in her stomach

c.       stirred up a hornet’s nest

d.      clammed up


8.      Tia had much anxiety before the singing competition.

a.       a can of worms

b.      butterflies in her stomach

c.       a fly in the ointment

d.      neither fish nor foul


9.      He looked like someone who doesn’t fit in when I saw him at the party last night.

a.       a fish out of water

b.      a kettle of fish

c.       a snail’s pace

d.      a fly in the ointment


10.  The little boy seemed to sit in the office with nervous excitement.

a.       ants in his pants

b.      a snail’s pace

c.       the world as his oyster

d.      a cold fish


Good Luck!!


PS: to see the answer to this quiz, just follw this link Fish, Reptile and Insect Idioms Quiz : The Answers


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