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Hit-And-Run Accident’s Victim

Mostly every night I accompany my friend (who is also my Boss, wew ^^). His name is Robert Valentino Tarigan. He usually treated us (his subordinates ) as friends, that’s why most of us like him.

Well, last night, he was invited to a talk show in the State Radio of Medan (RRI). The topic is about education and private universities in Indonesia. You know, he is one of the most popular people in educational field in North Sumatera, Indonesia.

On our way back to our office (it’s about 1.30 am in the morning), he felt hungry and we stop by the “street” cafe on Jl. Gajah Mada, Medan, to have something to eat.
We ordered instant noodle.

Just after ordering the noodle, we heard a bang nearby. I saw a car running so fast passed us and I see so much smoke along the street coz the driver forced the car to speed and some people throwing rocks at the car.

Wow, it surprised me. “What’s going on?” that’s what I had in mind. Then I discovered that it was a hit-and-run accident.

A motorcycle was hit by the car. The driver of the motorcycle was hurt on the foot and leg.
I could see his leg-bone from his wound. It was a terrible wound.

Mr. Valent (that’s the way I usually called my boss, ^^), then offered to take him to hospital with his car.

I helped the victim to get into the car, and accompanied by the victim’s friend (a woman), we took them to the nearest hospital to have an immediate treatment so that the wound wouldn’t get infected.

Coz according to Mr. Valent (who used to be a doctor), if the wound was infected, then there’s a possibility that the foot should be amputated. That;s why we immediately took him to the nearest hospital.

We arrived at the hospital in about 5 or 10 minutes. Soon after we took him into the hospital, Mr. Valent asked the nurses to immediately treat the victim.

“Take care of him immediately, please. Don’t worry about the cost. I’ll be responsible for the cost if the family of the victim didn’t come to take care of him,” said Mr. Valentino.

He, then, signed on paper given by the nurse as a prove that he will take the responsibility over the victim. He also left his ID Card and phone number.

“We will go out to have something to eat coz I haven’t had my dinner,” said Mr. Valent to the nurse who then let us go reluctantly.

You know, most hospital won’t accept a patient if no one takes care of the payment and sign on some paper provided by the hospital as the prove. Moreover, it was an accident victim.

Most people will refuse to take care of an accident’s victims because it will “troubled” them so much. They have to take care of the hospital administrations and then with the police.

Most people don’t like having troubles of this kind. Wew..!!

But he didn’t hesitate to have such trouble by saving the victim.

He was afraid that if we didn’t help him immediately, then the victim would most likely lose his leg.

He said saving lives is the most important thing. Now, we helped him, maybe later in the future when we get into the same trouble, the others will also help up ‘coz GOD is watching what we do in this world. Great saying!! 🙂

How could someone be so irresponsible?
How could someone hit the others with car, then run away?
What happened to this world??


July 27, 2008 - Posted by | Criminals

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