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Friendster + Gets Money = YUWIE

Are a Friendster.COM Fans? Are u looking for a great social networking site? Do u want to make an online earning? Then the answer is YUWIE.COM. gives u great time dan fun just like
The only different is u are paid for all ur activities in the sites.
All these are called page views.

So what actually counts as a paid page view?

When any logged in member views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:
your profile page
your blog pages
view all your friends
view all your comments
your picture pages
if someone views one of your shared layouts

When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to:
settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

The following does not count as a page view:
Refreshing/reloading a page
Any page that’s viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn’t count
Any view from a ‘guest’ or non logged in visitor

Not only that… You can also have referral up to 10 levels depth.

Every member has a unique referral ID. In order to get a referral, the member that signed up has to have clicked on one or your referral links. You can use our invite form, or go to your referral tool section and use any of those links. When someone clicks your link and signs up, they will be signed up into your referral tree.

How Much Can I make?

We can’t say exactly, but here’s an example of what could happen. The chart below assumes you refer 3 people, and those 3 people refer 3, then those refer 3, through 10 levels, and each referral gets 1000 page views for the month, and the month’s RSR is $0.50.

The RSR (revenue sharing rate) determines how much the users get paid. Here’s how it works. After each month, a report will be generated in your earnings area. It will show exactly how many views your referral tree accumulated on each level. It will also show your earnings for each level. Here’s the actual calculation:
RSR x (Page Views/1000) x Level Percentage = Your Earnings
The percentages at each level are:
Your Level 10%
Level 1 10%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 4%
Level 4 4%
Level 5 4%
Level 6 4%
Level 7 4%
Level 8 10%
Level 9 10%
Level 10 30%
So, if u are interested to join Yuwie.COM, Just Click here

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Maen Friendster + Dapat Dollar = YUWIE

Awal Novenmber 2008 kemarin, iseng-iseng browsing di Internet nyari sana-sini. Iseng-iseng nyari cara mendapat duit dari internet selain adsense, ketemu deh dengan Website Social Networking yang bernama “YUWIE.COM“, sejenis dengan Friendster.Com yang mana bedanya adalah kita dibayar untuk bersosialisasi/berinteraksi di sana.

Gue pikir2 ok juga nih buat dicoba. Gue Login ke dan SignUp. Ternyata setelah baca2 artiekl di dalamnya, mudah sekali mendapatkan dollar disini. Yang penting sering aktif dan mengajak semua temen2nya untuk join melalui referral, maka akan lebih mudah lagi untuk meraup dollar melalui ini.

Mungkin ada yang tidak percaya bahwa walau kita udah menggunakan web Yuwie untuk Social Networking, justru kita pula yang dibayar.
Begini logikanya kenapa Yuwie mampu membayar kita hanya untuk mengakses Webnya.

Di setiap halaman pasti terdapat iklan yang dipasang oleh perusahaan2 seluruh dunia, dan dari sinilah Yuwie mendapatkan uang yang kemudian berbagi hasil dengan kita para usernya.
Jadi daripada capek2 maen Friendster di tanpa dibayar sementara Friendsternya sendiri justru makin kaya 😦 mending kita beralih ke Yuwie.COM deh. Selain Fiturnya yang lebih kurang sama, kita juga dibayar untuk semua aktivitas yang kita lakukan selama berada di dalam Yuwie, antara lain:

1. Anda dibayar kalau membuka halaman Profile
2. Dibayar ketika buka halaman Blog
3. Dibayar buka halaman Foto
4. Dibayar ketika kamu komentar ke teman kamu
5. Dibayar ketika teman kamu, ngebalas pesan teman kamu.
6. Dibayar ketika seorang melihat layout kita.
7. Dibayar ketika Teman kita melihat semua teman kita.
8. Dibayar ketika kita curhat sama teman kita.
9. Kita Juga mendapatkan penghasilan dari teman yg kita ajak.
10. Dibayar dan dan Dibayar.

Pokoke semuanya 100% sama seperti kegiatan kita di Bedanya adalah kita justru dibayar uuntuk ber-Friendster RIA. WOW..!!

Yuwie menghargai kita. Bandingkan dengan Situs-situs friendster besar lainnya. Mereka tidak membayar kita seperserpun.

YUWIE akan membayar kita setiap 1000 Impression = $ 0,50
( artinya: setiap 1 Impression (1 halaman dibuka) = kira-kira 5 Rupiah untuk satu halaman, kalau di rupiahkan )
Kita, juga dapat penghasilan dari teman yg kita ajak bergabung. Hingga 10 Level (lebih besar dari agloco)
Begini : potensinya, bila mengajak 3 teman dan mereka melakukan hal yg sama…
Level …………Refferal …….Impressions…….. Earnings
1 ………………..3 ………………..3000 ………….. $ 0,15
2 ………………..9………………. 9000 …………… $ 0,45
3 ……………….27 ………………27.000………….. $0,54
4………………. 81 ………………81.000 ………….. $1,62
5 ………………243 …………….243.000…………. $4.86
6 ………………729 ……………729.000 ………… $14.58
7 ……………..2.187 ………….2.187.000 ……… $43.74
8 …………….6.561 ………….6.561.000……… $328.05
9 …………….19.683 ……….19.683.000………. $984.15
10 …………59.049 …………59.049.000 ………$8.857.35
Total Earning untuk 1 bulan = $ 10.235.49

Level β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Your Percentage
You —————–10%
1 ——————–10%
2 ——————–10%
3 ——————–4%
4 ——————–4%
5 ——————–4%
6 ——————–4%
7 ——————–4%
8 ——————–10%
9 ——————–10%
10 β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-30%

Nah, kalo tertarik silakan bergabung dengan teman-teman yang sudah ada di Yuwie dengan mengKlik link berikut:


Trus ajak temen2 dan semua kenalannya terutama yang di FS untuk bergabung dengan kamu. Dengan berbuat demikian kamu selain membantu diri kamu dan keluarga, kamu juga sudah membantu teman2 dan kenalan yang kamu ajak.

Apalagi sekarang jaman serba susah dan krisis dimana2 yang menyebabkan banyak pengangguran. Jadi daripada mereka browsing di Internet ngak jun trungan, lebih baik membantu mereka ^^

Hitung-hitung mengurangi angka pengangguran di Indonesia, hehehe…

Sampai Jumpa di YUWIE, dan salam buar para YUWIERS Indonesia.

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The mission of The Lemelson Foundation is to support and inspire invention and innovation that improves people’s lives. The Foundation works internationally through its Invention for Sustainable Development Program that aims to foster human creativity and invention to meet basic human needs and to build sustainable livelihoods for the world’s poorest citizens.

To accomplish its international goals, one of the Foundation’s strategic programs is the Recognition and Mentoring Program (RAMP).
The Lemelson Foundation is supporting the development of Recognition and Mentoring Programs in Indonesia, India and Peru. In Indonesia the RAMP is implemented by two partner organizations:

a new foundation called Yayasan Inovasi Teknologi (YIT) and Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB).

These two organizations work together to provide support to individuals and/or teams of student and grassroots inventors, helping them to commercialize inventions or products that contribute to sustainable development and poverty alleviation in Indonesia. RAMP Indonesia supports innovations in sectors such as water, energy, health, agriculture, or biodiversity.In support of this Program, the Lemelson Foundation, based in Portland Oregon USA, is searching for a consultant based in Indonesia to serve as a liaison for the Lemelson Foundation.




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Graduate Intake Program PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk

PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. is one of the leading tobacco companies in Indonesia that produces such superior brands as Dji Sam Soe, A Mild, and Sampoerna Hijau, and is an affiliate of Philip Morris International, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies.

We are looking for talented people with a passionate, enterprising spirit to help us shape the future of our business as:

Graduate Intake(Jakarta Raya, Jawa Timur)


Graduate Intake Program PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk

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Scholarship Offer for Master/PhD Students

We are a research team from University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), recently our group has obtained research funding from Malaysia Government, MOSTI (Ministry of Science & Technology).

We would like to recruit those students with following requirements to be a part of our research team.


Scholarship Offer for Master/PhD Students

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Asian Graduate Student Fellowships 2009

The Asia Research Institute of NUS invites applications from citizensof Asian countries enrolled for a fulltime advanced degree at auniversity in an Asian country (except Singapore) for considerationfor the award of Asian Graduate Student Fellowships.
These fellowships are offered to current graduate students doing theirMaster’s or PhD degrees and working in the Humanities and SocialSciences on Southeast Asian topics, and will allow the recipients tobe based at NUS for an `in residence fellowship’ for a period ofthree months.

The aim of the fellowship is to enable scholars to make full use of the wide range of resources held in the libraries of NUS and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Scholars will be expected to commence on 4 May 2009, and to make a presentation on their work at the Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies at the end of July 2009.

Applicants are invited to e-mail/facsimile/mail their curriculumvitae, a 2-page outline of their research proposal in English (this may be accompanied by a longer statement in a South east Asian language) to the address below by 15 November 2008.

Arrangements should also be made by which at least two letters of reference, one of which is from your principal supervisor, are sent confidentiallyto the same address by the same deadline.

The 2-page research proposal must include the following details:

Asian Graduate Student Fellowships 2009

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DAAD-Scholarships 2009-2010, Beasiswa Jerman

DAAD-Scholarships 2009-2010 for Professionals Postgraduate with Relevance to Developing CountriesBeasiswa DAAD-Scholarships for Selected Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries 2009-2010 is provided by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) – supports a range of postgraduate courses at German universities which aim at providing academically educated young professionals from Developing Countries (including Indonesia) with further specialised studies.
University graduates who have been working for two years in the public or private sector in technical, economical or agricultural fields, in education or development planning are eligible for these grants. The 42 courses differ in respect to fields of study, language and entry requirements. The age limit for the courses is 32 for Doctoral and 36 years for Master programme.
The funds for these scholarships are provided by the Federal Ministry for Economics Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Due to the limited number of DAAD scholarships for its courses, not all applicants accepted for studies by the German universities can be supported. Therefore, institutions are also encouraged to nominate candidates, whose studies they are willing to finance out of their staff development budget. In this case, an accompanying letter with according statements is necessary for the applicant.

The DAAD supports these selected programmes with a certain quota of scholarships and with financial assistance for a special tutoring system. At the end of the course (programmes run 12 to 36 months, depending on the particular institution) participants can obtain an internationally recognized Master’s or in some courses PhD degree.

Target group:

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Pengumuman Nama-nama yang LOLOS Seleksi Tahap I IRN 2008

Setelah lama ditunggu-tunggu dan bahkan membuat banyak orang mulai meragukan IRN 2008, akhirnya Nama-nama yang lolos seleksi Tahap I IRN 2008 dari Indofood keluar juga.

Silakan Kunjungi situsnya untuk melihat nama-nama yang lolos.

Congratz buat yang lolos ya ^^ dan Good luck untuk seleksi tahap berikutnya ^^

IRN 2008 by Indofood

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