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DAAD-Scholarships 2009-2010, Beasiswa Jerman

DAAD-Scholarships 2009-2010 for Professionals Postgraduate with Relevance to Developing CountriesBeasiswa DAAD-Scholarships for Selected Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries 2009-2010 is provided by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) – supports a range of postgraduate courses at German universities which aim at providing academically educated young professionals from Developing Countries (including Indonesia) with further specialised studies.
University graduates who have been working for two years in the public or private sector in technical, economical or agricultural fields, in education or development planning are eligible for these grants. The 42 courses differ in respect to fields of study, language and entry requirements. The age limit for the courses is 32 for Doctoral and 36 years for Master programme.
The funds for these scholarships are provided by the Federal Ministry for Economics Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Due to the limited number of DAAD scholarships for its courses, not all applicants accepted for studies by the German universities can be supported. Therefore, institutions are also encouraged to nominate candidates, whose studies they are willing to finance out of their staff development budget. In this case, an accompanying letter with according statements is necessary for the applicant.

The DAAD supports these selected programmes with a certain quota of scholarships and with financial assistance for a special tutoring system. At the end of the course (programmes run 12 to 36 months, depending on the particular institution) participants can obtain an internationally recognized Master’s or in some courses PhD degree.

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November 3, 2008 - Posted by | Scholarships - Beasiswa


  1. how to apply in yuor UN for a LL.M scholarship.

    Comment by Amente | November 25, 2008 | Reply

    • contact the email or the link to the university for detail info. tq.

      Comment by Joe Leonhart | January 14, 2009 | Reply

    • I am from ethiopia. I have a Bachler degree in managment.

      Comment by Alemu | June 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. i am searshing for free scholarship in metallurgy and material engineering. could you help me.

    best regards

    Comment by osama badr | January 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. I am a holder of LL.B with a Merit (B+) i would like to get a scholarship in view of persuing LL.M in International Human Rights Law. Please send the information.

    Comment by Elvis Ng'andwe | January 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Am a graduate of development studies working with a University in community health department on HIV/AIDS ADHERENCE ON ARVs but would like a free scholarship for masters of public health. Please send me some information regarding this. Thanks.

    Comment by Ayebazibwe Nicholas A | February 6, 2009 | Reply

  5. Sir/Dear Mrs.I am from Ethiopia who writes this message .First i am very happy getting your email
    adress from the internet .how are you ?God bless you .I am graduated from faculty of Veterinary
    medicine,Addis Ababa University on August 27,2007 with Doctorate degree with cGPA 2.33 at 25 years
    old .after along journey and tedious work in the faculty for not less than 7(seven)years of stay
    .since i am from poor country (third world country )in addition i am from the poorest and uneducated
    family ,even my father and mother can not write and read .these problemes makes me very difficalt at
    stay in the university during my study .even if i am employed after my graduation in the
    governmental organization ,the salary they pay me was 120USA$ per month .imagine how much our
    country is poor.this payment can not cover any living utility (house rental ,food ,transportation
    cost ,tax,helping my poor famile etc ).Now i am working in Oromia Pastoralist Area Devvelopment
    Commission which is one of the regional state of the country .the commossion is working in drought
    prone area ,flood,famine and confilict sensitive area between tribes on limited natural resourse
    like grazing land .pastoralist society is rearing cattle ,camele,goat,sheep etc and follow their
    animals during drought and other risk related time along distance from thier residence (not stable )
    they are mobile depending on weather condition .the community of pastoralist is more of illiterate
    .therefore the regional government (Oromia) is trying the best (endeavour)to reduce poverty and
    illiteracy .In general the Ethiopian Federal Government is working hard to eliminate poverty from
    the country in which Agricaltural lead industralization is feasible to over 85% population is in
    rural area .because of this it is very essential to increase number of educated person to minimize
    the problemes mentioned above in the country .therefore ,I am very eager (very keen) to upgrade my
    education to master in veterinary medicine or related field to help the poor society (pastoralist
    ),my poor family and my self .hence ,I am politely requesting your help to hand me (assist)in
    offering me achance of getting post graduate study for 2009 academic year in which fully funded
    (sponsered )or financially merited (supported )scholarship with partime duty .sir,give me any
    information concerning freely sponsered postgraduate study(funding center) adimission at any
    University through my e-mail .please do not ignore me !you are blessed in God if you are help one
    inocent person .I am waiting for your positive and immediate reply .
    fax:251-11-467-2125 , Addis Ababa,Ethiopia
    Thank you in advance
    yours sincerly Dr.Feyissa Tufa PLEASE DIRECT ME HOW CAN I CONTINUE MY EDUCATION !thank for your help.

    Comment by Feyissa Tufa | March 25, 2009 | Reply

  6. I am Muluken from Ethiopia ,I graduated in Doctor of veterinary medicine,and I am looking free scholarship in postgraduate in related field and please inform me on my email address

    Comment by MULUKEN FURGASSA | April 14, 2009 | Reply

  7. I am Mebratu Belete from Ethiopia.I am young of age 26. I have M.A in developmental psycholology from Addis Ababa University. Hence, I want to apply to the doctoral position at your institution.
    thank in advance for your cooperation!

    Comment by Mebratu Belete | April 24, 2009 | Reply

    • u fucked up man

      Comment by tesseme | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  8. I am Rahel,graduated from university college with BA in Accounting as a distinction student in 2006.Currently I am working in one of governmental organization engaged marine transport sector.I want to continue my studies in MBA program ms .Could please assist me to get free scholarships.

    i thank you in advance fro your great effort.

    Comment by RAHEL | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  9. i am from Ethiopia please inform me since i have interest to learn PhD in veterinary medicine

    Comment by samson | May 28, 2009 | Reply

    • I am bekana, please inform me if there is recently opened schoolarship programe on health sciences and medicine;the deadline country,year.

      Comment by BEKANA | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  10. I am Abate,from Ethiopia.I have B.A in economics.I am looking free scholarsip MSC in economics.pleas send to me if there is new information. I am waiting your good information.

    Comment by abate | June 19, 2009 | Reply

  11. I m from indonesia, i looking msc for GIS

    Comment by Asdar Achmad | June 21, 2009 | Reply

  12. i am hiwot ,graduate from haramaya universty by degree of veternary medicine in 2009.i want to continiue my masters programm.could please assist me to get free scholarship.

    Comment by hiwot berhanu | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  13. MY NAME IS HAFATMU.i have B.A IN ECONOMICS FROM MEKELE UNIVERSITY,ethiopia,africa.I NOW WORK AT a commercial bank in ethiopia.i have 2 years bank experience.currently i am a fund managemnet officer for the bank.i alaways very much appreciate to understand the dynamics of finance and the role of financial institions in devlopment particualarly of developing countries . thus as you can guess i want to pursue my higher stdies in the area of finace and developmenet i.e international finance ,financial economics ,develoment economics etc.i beleieve if you invite me to your schaolarship awards,it would be a big addition to the fledgling fianace and devlopmenet sector of my country ethiopia in the effort to build a strong econmy therby reduce poverty.i very much apprcaite your invitation. lloking for ward to hear from you soon
    yours hafatmu tafere

    Comment by haftamu tafere | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  14. Dear Madam/Mr.
    I am looking for my PhD study in Germany in LIVESTOCK fields. I have MSc in Livestock Production and Pastoral Development from Mekelle University in Ethiopia. Would you please send me any relavant information to apply for 2009/2010 at my E-mail

    Thank you


    Comment by Haileselassie Ghebremariam | June 27, 2009 | Reply

  15. I am from Ethiopia. I have MSc. in population studies specialization in Reproductive Health and 1st degree in mathematics. I wish to get free Master or PhD scholarship in Biostatics or epidemiology. So, please give the information and the chance to upgrade my education in the public in which my county can benefit from this a lot more. Anyone who is interested on me please contact me and you will be proud of me.

    Comment by Zerhiun Zewide | June 27, 2009 | Reply

  16. Dear Concern
    I am Nathnael G. from Ethiopia graduated in electronics and communication Engineering with distinction in MEKELLE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(MIT).I am looking free scholarship MSC in any field related to electronics, communication,information technology, Automotive Systems, Multimedia …
    I am writing to express my strong interest to get a free scholarship to continuing my higher study in GERMANY. I believe that, my sufficient experience and strong academic background will make me a very competitive candidate for this scholarship. This may help me to contribute a creditable work to this world.
    For your kind attention I want to say here that, I have strong expectation for a free scholarship for achieving higher study. I will waiting here for your reply with dream eyes.
    I may assure you, sir/madam, I will do my best to satisfy you with my activities if I get a chance. Thank you for your kind consideration.

    With regards!

    Nathnael G.
    Addis Abeba , Ethiopia

    Comment by Nathnael Gebreziabher | July 9, 2009 | Reply

  17. I’m a 25 years old Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduated from Mekelle University of Ethiopia on 19 July2008.Currently,I’m employed as an instructor of Veterinary science at Dandi Boru University college.
    I would wellcome any chance you offer me to study at your institute.

    Comment by Delesa Damena(Dr) | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  18. Hello, I am Dereje Danbe and i am 25 years old Ethiopian male. i have graduated with the bachelor of science in statistics from Hawassa University in 2007. Now i am teaching in one of the Ethiopian Universities in Aksum University,Ethipia as a graduating assistant. Here i am looking for the further study Msc program in statistics or related field of study specially in Biostatistics. If you kindly consider me for the free scholarship in your University i would be very happy.
    Thasnk you for help

    Comment by Dereje Danbe | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  19. I am Masood Ahmed from Pakistan.i have completed my bachelor of engineering in petroleum engineering.i want to continue my study for Masters.Is there any scholarships avalaible for Masters in Petroeum engineering?,which would be fully funded.plz do inform me for such kind of scholarships.

    Comment by Masood | July 20, 2009 | Reply

  20. Hi,I am graduated from Addis Ababa university,Ethiopia in doctor of veterinary medicine in a year 2006 and now I am working in Tigray agricultural research institute as a researcher.Hello dear, I am seeking for scholar ship in veterinary medicine and related subjecs ,please inform me if there is scholar ship.

    Comment by Amdemichael adhanom | July 26, 2009 | Reply

  21. My name is Mulugeta from Ethiopia.I earned BSc nurse from Haramaya University in july 12,2008. Now Iam working in Jimma University hospital. I would like to get MSc in reproductive health free scholarship.Would you inform me through my email please? Thounk you.

    Comment by Tita,Mulugeta Dessalegn | July 27, 2009 | Reply

  22. Dear: sir/ madam

    I am Saron Hiruy from Ethiopia. I completed my BBA Degree in Accounting from Admas University College which is the accredited privately owned university collaged in Ethiopia.

    Since the completion of my studies I worked for about 7 (seven) years for different organizations. Currently I am working for Roha College as Head, Administration and finance which I am responsible for approving and authorizing checks, payment voucher and payroll; administrating part time and full time academic stuff and administration stuff.

    Moreover, l have prepared and implemented Administration manual, personnel manual, handbook for college, as I am working as an instructor in this college; I instruct my students in away that they would be capable of solving recurrent social problems in their lives.

    My country Ethiopia does have problems with utilizing the few educated peoples and let them exploit their knowledge. However, the progress made in the field of administration and/or management science recent years is not significant. Even though my country is blessed with human power, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Despite the significant population growth due to poor administration & management related undertakings.

    I therefore, am determined to be a pioneer in solving these problems by being educated in your university thus; I am sending my motivation letter for your consideration.

    Here with, your university will be proud of being educating me as one of visionary student who can contribute significantly his share in solving my country’s basic problem.

    Best regard!


    Address- E-Mail-
    Tel- +251911678584
    Addis Ababa

    Comment by Saron | August 2, 2009 | Reply


    Comment by KevindraTularam | August 3, 2009 | Reply

    I am a 27 year old male who have acomplished a Bachelors Science Degree in Agriculture from the University of Guyana, South America.I am interested in persuing my Master’s Degree in “International Organic Agriculture”. I am presently working with the Ministry of Agriculture in the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI)of Guyana as a Research Assistant.( The Institution that does all research works for all farmers throught the country)
    My interest in this field has great scope and a brighter future for the Agriculture Sector of my country, Guyana. The Agriculture sector is the largest Gross Domestic Product earner in this country and it is progressivly gearing towards improvement and diversification to boost its capacity and output.This programme will definitely create a greater capacity for my country and the Agriculture Sector as a whole.
    I will be very pleased and forever grateful if any resoponse can be channeled to me by your University,of the availablility of any scholarship for this programme and any relavant information to validate such.
    Should this application request for a scholarship proves successful, i am willingly prepared to execute my responsibilities as a student to the best of my ability and totally dedicate my energies towards my studies to elivate my academic capacity, my country’s Agriculture basis and my university repitition at all times. I do hope my humble request will not be compromised.
    Thanking you in anticipation. All for your information and guidance.

    Comment by KevindraTularam | August 3, 2009 | Reply

  25. I am kahsay Hailu from Ethiopia and am seeking free scholarship in English major or other related fields of study. It is because I am gradute of the mentioned field from Addis Ababa University with distinction. So, I am happy to join your College/University for masters program. Thank you.

    Comment by kahsay Hailu | August 5, 2009 | Reply

  26. Dear/madam,I am Teklemariam Guesh and I am 24 years old Ethiopian male graduated with BSc degree in Applied Biology with great distinction in Gondar University in 2008.Now I am working at Haramaya University,Ethiopia, as Graduate assistant.Hear I am looking for free scholarship in medical microbiology,molecular biology or biotechnology…or another related field.Thanks for your kind consideration.

    Comment by Teklemariam Guesh | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  27. I am ephrem from Ethiopia. I have BA Degree in Economics from haramaya university with a CGPA of 3.43/4.00 before 2 years. My next dream will be to upgrade my educational status to master program in respective to economic aspect professions but to make this dream will be successfull in short i can’t by my self due to adequate financial problem. So becuase of this i am stretching my hand to you as expecting you provide scholarship that enable me to make my dream to be will achieve and also indirectly you can do as my countries to get some help from please so as to not my dream turn in to illusion i need your scholarship too too…. thank u inadvance.

    Comment by ephrem tadesse | August 10, 2009 | Reply

  28. Dear madam/Sir

    I have BSc. in Statistics from Addis Ababa University and MSc(med)in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Witwatersrand University, South Africa. Now I have interest to continue my Phd in Epidemiology or Biostatistics. So would you please direct me the way which will fullfil my intersest.

    Girum Taye
    Kigali Institute of Science and Technology

    Comment by Girum Tyae | August 19, 2009 | Reply

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