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Beasiswa Twinning Program ITB Bandung – Toyohashi University of Technology

1.Admission Policy for Toyohashi University of Technology

Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) provides unique bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in technology that are geared toward producing creative, practical-minded leaders in differing fields of technology, and the education received at our university also provides students with an appreciation of humanity, international perspectives and responsible coexistence with the environment. Our university is also at the forefront of conducting cutting-edge scientific research for the future. The following suggests the type of student this university seeks to enroll:(1)Those who have a respect for the environment and endeavor to contribute to local communities or to the world as a whole.(2)Those who are ready to make significant achievements with a fundamental knowledge in technology or science at the university level.(3)Those who take the initiative for their own education with the mindset of being a pioneer in a new field of science or technology.

2. Number of students to be enrolled

Type of scholarship and number of students to be enrolled
Mechanical Engineering
About 1-4 students for each majors
Production Systems Engineering
Materials Science
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Information and Computer Sciences
Architecture and Civil Engineering
Knowledge-based Information Engineering
Ecological Engineering

3. Application procedure

(1) Submission period:  January 5(Mon.), 2009 to January 30(Fri.), 2009 (deadline)(2) Application documents submitted to:Twinning Program Office, Institut Teknologi Bandung* Application documents must be submitted to the office above during the submission period.(3) Application Documents (All must be written in English)* Applications will not be considered if any of the documents are incomplete or incorrect.a) Application Form for Admission to Toyohashi University of TechnologyStudent him/herself must fill out the designated form.Applicant must indicate three names of TUT faculties you wish to be supervised, referring to the list of Faculty members at TUT website ( ID PhotoThe photo must be of upper body (above waist, L4.5cm x W3.5 cm) with no hats, and not older than 3 months prior to this application. Paste the photo at indicated place. Applicant’s name must be written on the backside.c) Certificate of graduation (Bachelor’s degree)The certificate must be issued by the university the applicants graduated (a diploma or a statement of a degree attained).If you have graduated from schools other than universities, a document certifying or describing that the school(s)he graduated from is a formal higher education institution must be attached.d) Records of Academic Achievement (Transcripts)Please enclose the academic record issued by the applicant’s last attended university (Undergraduate) and the record of the first semester of Master’s Degree Course of ITB. In the records, information on both the Grade Point Average (GPA) and the academic performance standing ( th / students)* are required. (Record of second semester should be submitted after the second semester is finished)*The rank of your academic record among the whole classes must be written.e) Certified copies of certificates or transcripts of English testPlease enclose the certificates or transcripts that shows applicants’ English proficiency (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS etc.).Required Score : TOEIC(SP) 500, TOEFL(IBT) 50, TOEFL(CBT) 150, TOEFL(PBT) 470f) Study plan in detail:Write in English on a given form with approximately 1,000 words.g) Letter of recommendation:The letter must be issued by ITB.h) Survey on financial condition:Student him/herself must fill out the designated form.
(4) ScholarshipUp to two students, candidates who are regarded as remarkably excellent will be recommended by TUT for the Japanese Government Scholarship. The candidates for this scholarship will be requested to make an application for the scholarship separately from the program’s application.(5) Application Fee: Application fee shall be exempt.

4. Qualifications for application

This program is open to those candidates who have no legal limitation or hindrance to be admitted to the University under “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” of Japan, and also to those pertaining to all of the following items from (1) to (4).(1)Those who are enrolled in the Master Degree Course of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and who are expected to obtain the required credits of Twining Program for the first half of their Master’s curriculum.(2)Those who are recommended by the Rector of ITB.(3)Those who are in good health, both physically and mentally.(4)Those who demonstrate sufficient degree of proficiency in English in order to take research guidance during this program.

5. Method of selection

The selection will be carried out based on the documents, and the interview test may be scheduled when it is nessesary.The interview will be conducted to see applicant’s personality and whether (s)he will be able to undertake the program in TUT.

6. Announcement of acceptance

The results of the selection will be notified to candidates by postal mail or e-mail.

7. Admission expenses

Admission fee: 282,000 yenTuition fee: 535,800 yen (178,600 yen for the winter term from December to March, and 357,200 yen for the spring and fall term from April to November.)Admission fee and the tuition for winter term should be paid together before the school starts at December 2009.In the case of a revision of the tuition fee, the new tuition fee for the program will be applied from the time the revision has been made.One student, those who are regarded as in the remarkably academic excellence shall be applied for Exemption of the admission / tuition fees.

8. EnrollmentDecember 2009

9. Required credits

The required number of credits for Master’s Course of TUT is 30.**45 hours for one credit completion.6 credits must be taken from Subjects in Common, and 24 credits from Major Subjects.Credits taken in 1st year of master’s course in ITB is converted into 10 credits of TUT Master’s Course.*This does NOT mean 10 credits are enough in ITB.Applicants must take ALL necessary credits as a 1st year master course student of ITB.After the applicants enroll in TUT as a 2nd year Master’s Course student, (s)he will take 20 credits based on the Credits and Subject Rules of TUT.The subjects taken in TUT will be decided after the consultation with his/her supervisor.

10. Other Important Notes

(1)Application documents should be typed on A4 size paper. If iyou cannot type, please use black ink or a ballpoint pen to fill in block letters. (2)If the documents are not written in English, an English translation must be attached.(3)Applications will not be considered if any of the documents are incomplete, incorrect, or lacking supporting evidence, nor will they be considered if they arrive after the deadline.(4)Application materials once submitted become the property of the University Office and will not be returned. After the submission of documents, no changes will be accepted. If your contact address is amended, please report it immediately.(5)Though supervision and instruction will be exclusively in English, successful applicants are strongly recommended to learn Japanese language for their daily lives.

For inquiries, please contactInternational Affairs Division,Toyohashi University of Technology1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi 441-8580 JapanTEL: +81-532-44-6577 FAX : +81-532-44-6557HP: E-mail :


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