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Scholarship : Internship Research Positions at LabMath‐Indonesia

LabMath‐Indonesia is an independent research
institute. We work together with various universities in
Indonesia and abroad. This is shown in our activities:
We regularly organize so‐called Research Work Shops
where students (S1,S2 and S3) and staff from
universities, governmental institutions and companies,
are introduced into a specific topic. After one week of
courses and small assignments, the second week is
dedicated to execute more extensive projects that
usually are closely related to current research. As an
example, in the past year we organized RWS on
Tsunami Modelling and Simulations (January 2009),
Financial Engineering (August 2008) and Integrated
Water Resource Management (Jan 2008).

Our research activities are supported by external
sources: international research projects, projects from
large , and from Indonesia.
In the coming years we want to focus our activities to
problems from nature and environmental sciences.
Especially about problems that are of direct relevance
for Indonesia: effects of Climate Change on the coastal
area (high waves, endangering the coast and ships and
offshore structures) and on the (rain) water availability
for agriculture and human consumption.
This year we have national and international symposia
on these topics. For the preparation of new research
contributions, and for the running research projects, we
can use the help of good students and graduates.
While working with you on interesting topics, you are
developing your skills; besides that, if needed, we
support you to improve your English. If you want, we
can advise about studying abroad. (For instance, LMI
hosts the Info & Support Office of the University of
Below we indicate some topics for which we look for
your interest to contribute to our research.

Read more here :

Scholarship : Internship Research Positions at LabMath‐Indonesia


April 4, 2009 - Posted by | Scholarships - Beasiswa

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