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Scholarship : J-PAL Indonesia Research Fellowships, 2009-2010

J-PAL in Indonesia

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) is a leading research institute based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. It serves as a focal point for development and poverty research based on randomized trials. J-PAL works with NGOs, international organizations, government institutions and others to evaluate programs and disseminate the results of high quality research. J-PAL’s work includes projects in over 15 countries. Check out some of J-PAL projects currently underway in Indonesia:

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Scholarship : J-PAL Indonesia Research Fellowships, 2009-2010


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Scholarship : The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS)

The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS) scheme offers the opportunity to people from selected developing countries to undertake development-related studies in New Zealand.

This may include study related to education, health, rural livelihoods, governance, human rights, or economic development, depending on the human resource development training needs of the home government.

New Zealand -Development Scholarships are offered for full-time, tertiary level study at participating New Zealand education institutions.


The NZDS-Open scholarships scheme is a non-bilateral scheme available to candidates of some developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. Under the NZDS-Open scheme, candidates independently apply for a scholarship.

NZDS-Open scholarships are generally directed at employees of private sector or civil society sector organisations, including non-governmental organisations. In some countries, public sector employees can also apply for a NZDS-Open scholarship depending on the country or region-specific selection criteria. This criteria also determines the levels and the fields of study under which candidates can apply to study in New Zealand.

Eligibility to apply for a New Zealand Development Scholarship (NZDS) is restricted to citizens of countries where NZAID offers the NZDS.

Applicants must meet the following NZDS eligibility criteria before their application will be further considered against the selection criteria, and any criteria specific to their home country or region (see the relevant country information sheet).

To be eligible for a NZDS, applicants must:

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Scholarship : The New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS)

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Scholarship : The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Postgraduate Program

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst – supports a range of postgraduate courses at German universities which aim at providing academically educated young professionals from Developing Countries with further specialized studies. The DAAD supports these selected programs with a certain quota of scholarships and with financial assistance for a special tutoring system. At the end of the course (programs run 12 to 36 months, depending on the particular institution) participants can obtain an internationally recognized Master’s or in some courses PhD degree.


University teaching staff, researchers and professionals holding an academic degree and with at least two years of experience in the public or private institutions in the following areas:
* Regional Planning
* Agricultural and Forest Sciences
* Environmental Sciences
* Public Health / Veterinary Medicine / Medicine
* Sociology and Education
* Economic Sciences / Business Administration/ Political Economics
* Development Co-operation
* Engineering and related sciences
* Mathematics

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Scholarship : The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Postgraduate Program

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Scholarship : Postgraduate Scholarships in Distance Education

Scholarships in Distance Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Dutch Cultural Studies at University College London (UCL), UK

“Worldwide: Scholarships in Distance Education. Postgraduate Certificate in Dutch Cultural Studies at University College London (UCL), UK

The Dutch Department of University College London (UCL) aims to reward academic excellence among new students of the Postgraduate Certificate in Dutch Cultural Studies. The Postgraduate Certificate in Dutch Cultural Studies, which is taught entirely online as a distance learning programme, offers a unique opportunity to study the modern society of the Netherlands and Flanders. Course topics range from in-depth study of Dutch and Flemish culture, to project management and language learning at different levels.

Up to seven scholarships are available for students starting the Postgraduate Certificate in September 2009. The scholarships cover full tuition fees. For more information on the fees of the programme, click here.

Candidates must have been formally admitted to the Certificate in Dutch Cultural Studies.

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Scholarship : Postgraduate Scholarships in Distance Education

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Scholarship : Norway: Research fellow in Petroleum Engineering 2009 2010

Research fellow in Petroleum Engineering

Closing date July 31, 2009.

The University of Stavanger invites applications for a three-year doctorate scholarship in petroleum engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology in the Department of Petroleum Engineering.

The title of the project is “Frontier petroleum geology exploration”.

Accretionary prisms are large wedges of sedimentary rocks that have been scrapped off the top of the descending oceanic plate along convergent plate margins. These sedimentary wedges have complex tectonic and infill history and are not well understood because they are located mostly under water with little subaerial exposure. Most geological data is limited to marine seismic. Few commercial hydrocarbons are produced from these tectonic settings, even though they are located in the proximity of large giant oil and gas fields.

Therefore these regions are underexplored for hydrocarbons and may hold large quantities of reserves. The aim of the PhD research project is, by compiling and analyzing surface and subsurface data along accretionary prisms worldwide (e.g. Barbados, northern Australian shelf, Offshore Colombia, among others), to understand the different geologic processes that control their petroleum systems. Some specific geologic problems include: interaction between tectonics and sedimentation, source and reservoir rock distribution, preservation potential of hydrocarbon traps, etc. The project will develop from interpretation into classification schemes dependant on geologic processes that will have an impact on the understanding of the petroleum system and their economic importance for hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Applicants must have a Master degree in a geosciences related field related to petroleum. Previous experience in seismic and well interpretation using computer software, structural restorations, stratigraphy, and plate tectonics is desirable, but not necessary.

Applicants must have earned a Master of Science/-Technology degree. It is necessary to have obtained an average grade of B or better in order to qualify. The appointee must be able to work independently and as a member of a team, be creative and innovative. The research fellow must have a good command of both oral and written English.

The selected candidate will be admitted to the PhD program at the University of Stavanger with an agreement to complete the PhD within the duration of the scholarship.

The program will mainly be carried out at the University of Stavanger, apart from a period of study abroad at a recognized and relevant centre of research.

The research fellow is salaried according to the State Salary Code, 17.515, code 1017, LR 20, ltr 45, of NOK 353 200 per annum.

The position provides for automatic membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which guarantees favourable retirement benefits. Members may also apply for home investment loans at favourable interest rates.

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Scholarship : Norway: Research fellow in Petroleum Engineering 2009 2010

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Scholarship : Scholarship IEF/IIF – Shannon ABC, Ireland Dear Colleagues,

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached a search form for potential applicants for an
*Intra-European Fellowship (IEF) *or an* International Incoming Fellowship
(IIF)* at Shannon ABC in Ireland.

Shannon ABC is an “Applied Research Enhancement Centre” (ARE),
funded by Enterprise Ireland as a joint venture based at two Institutes of
Technology in Limerick (LIT) and Tralee (ITT).

Applicants should have expertise in

* Molecular biology
* Immunology
* Cell culture
* Biotechnology
* Biochemistry
* Microbiology

Proposals are invited in the broad areas of *extraction, characterization,
functional testing of bioactive substances derived from natural products*.

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Scholarship : Scholarship IEF/IIF – Shannon ABC, Ireland

Dear Colleagues,

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Scholarship : ASEAN Scholarships for Indonesia 2009/2010

Application period for the 2010 ASEAN Scholarships for Indonesia will be open from 6 June 2009 (9am Indonesia Time) to 15 July 2009 (10pm Indonesia Time).

The ASEAN Scholarships for Indonesia is tenable for 4 years leading to the award of the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education ‘Advanced’ (GCE ‘A’) Level (or equivalent) certificate.

The Scholarship is for studies in selected Singapore schools from Secondary Three to Pre-University Two and is renewed annually, subject to the satisfactory performance of the scholar.

Students from Indonesia are welcome to apply for the ASEAN Scholarships for Indonesia to enter Singapore schools at the Secondary Three level. Candidates who are not short-listed for the scholarships will be considered for the Merit Awards.


Students who meet the following criteria are invited to apply for the scholarship:

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Scholarship : ASEAN Scholarships for Indonesia 2009/2010

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Scholarship : PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change

PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change

CALL for APPLICATION 2009/2010

In 2007, the Department of Economics and the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Università Ca’ Foscari of Venice, in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change (CMCC), have launched a 3-year PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change.

Every year, up to twelve students are enrolled in this Ph.D. programme. All lectures are given in English by internationally renowned professors.

The PhD Programme is organised into two streams:

* Dynamic Climatology at the CMCC Headquarters in Bologna
* Climate Change Impact and Management, at the Department of Economics of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice

For the year 2009/2010 (25th cycle of Italian PhD Programmes) we offer three scholaships with the financial support of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change.

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Scholarship : PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change

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Scholarship : PhD Scholarship Opportunities Clayton Campus, Australia

PhD research scholarship opportunities exist in the School of Geosciences, Monash University for dedicated, well-motivated and enthusiastic students. The School of Geosciences is located at the Clayton Campus of Monash University and is renowned for its high standards in teaching and research. As a member of the Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences (VIEPS), an extensive range of analytical facilities, for work with stable and radiogenic isotopes, major and trace elements, electron microprobe, SEM, fluid inclusions, and computer modelling laboratories is available to postgraduate students of the School.

Projects are available in a wide range of fields, including:

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Scholarship : PhD Scholarship Opportunities Clayton Campus, Australia

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Scholarship : University of Adelaide Australia

If you want to study at University of Adelaide, Australia, you can do it with following scholarships program that offers by the university. The University of Adelaide offers a scholarships scheme for international students undertaking undergraduate study.

Scholarships for all International Students
The Adelaide Outstanding Achiever Scholarships International (AOASI)

* Up to nine Adelaide Outstanding Achiever Scholarships International (AOASI) are available to international students from any country undertaking study in any academic discipline except Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).
* Benefits are the waiver of full tuition fees for the normal duration of the program, subject to satisfactory performance.
* A scholarship recipient completing a three year degree program who is offered a further year in the Honours Program may apply for an extension of the scholarship to cover that year.
* Scholarships are available only for the first four years of a double degree.

For students seeking scholarships for study commencing in 2010, a separate application process for scholarships will be required. This includes for applications submitted through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).

The process will require completion of a web-based form that will be available on this website by mid-September 2009. Applicants will be required to have already received a current offer of admission to the University of Adelaide to be considered for a scholarship.

For further information about international undergraduate scholarships and programs, please contact one of the University of Adelaide’s International Representatives.

Application Deadlines
The deadline for the 2010 round of undergraduate scholarships has yet to be fixed. Please remember that to be considered for a scholarship for 2010 entry, you must have an offer from the University of Adelaide for entry into an academic program for 2010 at the time of application for the scholarship. It is therefore recommended that you apply to study at the University some time before the estimated mid-September opening of the scholarship round.

AOASI Scholarship Conditions

Eligibility conditions

1. Scholarships will be awarded strictly on academic merit and only actual results can be used. Forecast results are not accepted for scholarship selection. Only complete applications will be considered, and only applicants who have met the University’s minimum English language requirement for direct entry to their intended program of study at the scholarship application deadline will be eligible for consideration. For Australian Year 12 students the basic TER will be used. Bonus points will not be counted.

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Scholarship : University of Adelaide Australia

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