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PCMAV 1.5 Build 3 (Database 11/08/2008)

Ini Link Buat Download PCMAV 1.5 Build 3

Feel free to download.


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Download : PCMAV 1.4 Build 4 (14/07/2008)

Link Download Database File PCMAV 1.4 Build 4.

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PCMAV 1.4 Build 3 (7/7/2008)

Nih Link buat Download Database PCMAV 1.4 Build 3 ( per tanggal 7/7/2008 ).

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PCMAV 1.4 Build 2 ( New Database 30 Juni 2008 )

NIh linknya Database PCMAV BUild 2 per tanggal 30 JUni 2008.

Selamat Mencoba.

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Should You Let your Child Blog?

According to, over 6 million underage children write blogs with or without their parents’ knowledge. Blogging is particularly popular among children who see their parents blogging either professionally or personally.

Should parents allow their children to blog? How can parents ensure their children are blogging in a safe manner?

What’s all the Fuss About?

A vast number of blogs written by children can be found through MySpace whose terms of service clearly state that anyone over 14 may start a blog through the service. LiveJournal is another popular blogging option for kids and teens. The policy for LiveJournal states that anyone over the age of 13 can start a blog through the service. Unfortunately, there is also a large number of blogs written by children younger than 14 on MySpace, LiveJournal and through other blogging services and software programs. These kids simply lie about their age in the registration process.

Online safety is a big concern for most parents. Should children under 18 be allowed to blog at all? How can parents keep their blogging children safe online. Following is a review of the benefits of blogging for children as well as a number of tips to help parents keep their children safe in the blogosphere.

Benefits of Kids Blogging

Blogging brings a number of benefits to children, including:

  • Improved writing skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved social skills
  • Improved Internet skills
  • Improved computer and technical skills and knowledge

Online Safety Tips for Kids

Use the following tips to ensure your child’s online activities are safe:

  • Rules: Establish rules for blogging and online activities. For example, children should not use their full name, address, school name, personal photos, and so on online. In other words, personally identifiable information should be prohibited.
  • Password protection and privacy: Find a blogging service that allows your child’s blog to be private and password-protected so only established, trusted friends can view it.
  • Screen the content: Screen what your child writes before he or she publishes it online and discuss potential problems with him or her.
  • Monitor the blog: Monitor your child’s blog on a regular basis. Read the content and comments, follow links, read friends’ blogs, and so on to get a full picture of your child’s online activity as it relates to the blog.
  • Talk to your child: Take the time to discuss your child’s blog with him or her. Allow him or her to share what he or she is doing and learning technically and socially with you. As he or she shares his or her knowledge with you, take the time to share Internet safety tips (“street smarts”) with him or her. Make your child’s blog a shared experience. When in doubt, Google your child’s name to get a complete picture of his or her online activities.

Where it Stands

Bottom line, most teens and tweens who want to have a blog will try to do so with or without their parents’ permission. No matter what age your child is, the best way to keep him or her safe is to talk to him or her. Keeping open lines of communication and monitoring their online activity are the best ways to maintain Internet security for children.

By Susan Gunelius,

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Parent’s Guide to MySpace Safety

Unfortunately, this is one of those moments that parents dread. Your kids are probably going to find a way to use MySpace, so you may be better off having them do so at home under your supervision. The good news is that there are some safe guards in place you can use to help protect your kids. First, though, you need to understand why MySpace is a danger for your children.

The Ugly Truth

  1. Kids connect with people they shouldn’t.
    MySpace is a social networking site. It’s designed to connect people. Unfortunately, MySpace is also a slice of the real world. That means that, along with all of the friendly people, there are plenty of not-so-nice kids and adults looking to cause your child harm.
  2. Kids see things they shouldn’t.
    MySpace is open to all ages and personalities. The site has got quite a bit of highly suggestive and nearing-on-the-pornographic content. It’s easy to stumble upon something you’ll wish you hadn’t.
  3. Kids post things they shouldn’t.
    For some reason, kids (and a lot of adults) think that their online profiles are private. They post their own suggestive pictures and stories, they share far too much personal information, and they make up vicious lies about each other to get revenge. Some kids will even share their full name, address and phone number freely with others.As more and more people use the Internet to perform background searches, everyone should put more thought into what they say and do online. There are plenty of stories of people losing their jobs, getting expelled, and not getting into college based on information they posted on the Internet.

What Parents Can Do

  • Set boundaries.
    Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to register, so that should be a non-negotiable point. Once they turn 14, it’s up to the parents to create the rules. If they are allowed to register, consider setting aside a time of day for spending on MySpace. Make sure that you are present during this time to keep an eye on your child’s activities.
  • Create your own MySpace profile and add your children as friends.
    First of all, it’s important for you to learn how the site works, what type of content is available, and how to navigate the system. It will help you understand what your children are doing and gain a better sense of how to keep them safe.
  • Talk with your kids about Internet safety and explain why you’re concerned.
    Have them agree to a set of guidelines and let them know that their Internet privileges are at stake. Also, make sure that they understand that you will be watching their activities.
  • Follow through.
    It is important that you follow through on your own commitments to your children. If you say you’ll be monitoring their activities, make sure you do so regularly. Not only does it help you keep them safe, but it lets them know how serious you are.


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PCMAV 1.4 New Release

Ini ada Link PCMAV 1.4 yang paling baru, silakan didownload!!

Enjoy it!

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Microsoft’s Crazy Facts


Nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the computer which can be named as “CON”.
This is something pretty cool…and unbelievable. ..
At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn’t answer why this happened!


This is something pretty cool and neat…and unbelievable. ..
At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn’t answer why this happened!
Try it out yourself…
Open Microsoft Word and type
=rand (200, 99)
And then press ENTER




For those of you using Windows, do the following:
1. Open an empty notepad file
2. Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes)
3. Save it as whatever you want.
4. Close it, and re-open it.
Is it just a really weird bug?
You can try the same thing above with another sentence “this app can break”


Explanation for Magic #1:

In windows the folder name and the special system variables share the same interface, so when you create a folder with a system variable name it will consider that folder already exist!!
These special system variables are available irrespective of path
You cannot create a folder with these names also:
CON, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3,COM1 to COM9 and LPT1 to LPT9….
CON means console, COM1 means serial port 1, LPT1 means parallel port 1


** ** ** **

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PCMAV 1.3 Update Build 4 DB 17/6/2008 (1877+52 Viruses)

Nih ada file Database PCMAV 1.3 yang paling baru, silahkan di-Download di sini.

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CARA DOWNLOAD VIDEO dari Youtube dan Metacafe…TIPS!!!

Youtube dan Metacafe banyak sekali menyediakan video (dalam format FLV) dan banyak diantaranya yang
sangat bermanfaat untuk pendidikan.
CARA MENDOWNLOAD Dengan browser Internet Explorer:
1. Buka website atau  Cari video sesuai kebutuhan kita dengan memasukkan kata kunci pada bagian SEARCH. (misal: Plastic Packaging).
Nanti akan muncul banyak video yang ada kaitannya dengan plastic packaging di Youtube atau metacafe.
2. Buka satu lagi page baru Internet Explorer dan copykan link berikut:  (TERUJI SANGAT BAGUS)
3. Kembali balik ke Page-nya youtube. Klik kanan pada gambar video yang kita kehendaki, lalu pilih “COPY SHORTCUT” atau “COPY LINK LOCATION”. Balik lagi ke halaman clipnabber, dan PASTE kan pada kotak URL yang tersedia. Lalu tekan NAB VIDEO. (Jangan lupa isikan sumber/asal video yg sesuai, misalnya youtube)
Dibawahnya akan muncul “Link Download video”. Anda bisa memilih untuk menekan “SAVE TARGET AS” dan simpan video atau menggunakan Download Manager dengan klik sebelah kanan dan tekan “download with IDM”.
Selain clipnabber, ada juga link yg lain, yg bisa digunakan:  (BELUM DIUJI)

Dengan MOZILLA FIREFOX, cara downloadnya bisa dilakukan seperti cara diatas (spt cara dgn IE) atau dengan menggunakan add-ons “Fast Video Download 1.6”
Dengan “Fast Video Download”, buka youtube –> search video –> klik video yg ingin didownload –> pada pojok kanan bawah KLIK KANAN icon Fast Video Download –> Tekan Download dan video dari youtube akan terdownload.
“Fast Video Download” bisa dicari linknya dengan google.


UNTUK MEMBUKA VIDEO dgn format FLV, kita harus download “FLV PLAYER” (freeware) atau dengan menkonversinya menjadi SWF, AVI atau MPEG dengan FLV converter (shareware).



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